This is a test post. I’m testing if I can use LaTex to type Mathematics.

OK, it works. pi

Got this from

P.S. I forgot to post this in the last entry. I’ll be reading How to Lie with Statistics for background.


Hello, world!

I’m a student of the Coursera class Passion-Driven Statistics.

We’re told to create a blog in Tumblr, although any other platform is fine. I chose since I’ve been using it since time immemorial.


I had stat courses back in the day. But I’m not confident doing statistical research. I was more into the basics of stat theory. I believe this MOOC will help me do practical statistics. The class will officially start in two weeks’ time, but the video lectures are made available in advance.

We’re told to use SAS (any other stat package will do). Being able to access the lectures in advance is an advantage as it allows students to grope with the stat software so that by the time the class really starts, we’ll go down and dirty using the software.